Antioxidants: Why Are They So Good?

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Antioxidants: Why Are They So Good?

When the health industry boasts antioxidants as a key benefit of a particular product or food, we know that this is a quality that is important for creating vitality and health. Though the real reasons behind why antioxidants are so beneficial for us is often unknown. Here are just a few reasons why antioxidants are a sought after property of many ingredients in necessary health foods and self care products.


– One key benefit that is often expressed is the anti-ageing quality of antioxidants, as they are known fighters of environmental damage that causes brown spots, wrinkles and degeneration of the skin. Antioxidants reverse damage as they repair and heal cells, especially in the evening when the body is undergoing its maintenance whilst sleeping. Opt for products, which contain anti-oxidants when choosing a night cream or facemask.


– Antioxidants come from many vitamins and ingredients, often found in skin care products, such as Vitamin A (increases collagen production, creates firm, smooth skin) and Resveratrol (reduces cell damage, anti-inflammatory, inhibits cancerous formation). Products which contain these vitamins will have a healthy dose of anti-oxidants, particularly beneficial for damaged, inflamed, or ageing skin.


– In many foods, Vitamin C is extremely high in antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and enhance the process of cell repair. This benefit is linked to overall health, with healing happening from the inside out. Many fruits – especially berries – are a great source of natural antioxidants. Green tea also offers a healthy dose of antioxidants.


Overall, the key benefits include reduced inflammation in the body (to restore skin tone and suppleness and to help fight disease) and an increase in cell repair for overall greater energy and vitality in the body.


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