Health Risks Of Artificial Light

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Health Risks Of Artificial Light

The rise of technology advancements and their affordability sees many homes around the world boasting an array of gadgets and devices. Gone are the days when only the more affluent households owned T.Vs and fancy digital equipment – now we are seeing almost every family member with their own smart phone, as well as multiple laptop or computer devices in the home. Our quality of life is greatly increased in the form of accessibility of information and leisure, as well as connectivity to the greater world with such devices. Productivity increases and ease of life is affected. There are some downsides, however, when it comes to the inclusion of technology in our living spaces.


Research has shown that there are adverse health risks associated with the growing tech-exposure in the bright artificial lighting that many devices – and even home lighting – bring to the modern household. Sources such as lamps, ceilings, cell phones, reading devices and laptops are some of the main culprits.


Light is not only a visual aid or mood enhancer; it drives our circadian rhythm – our internal body clock. This regulates our moods and our physical health in many ways. The bright hues of daytime tell our body to be awake and alert, as receptors in our eyes take it’s cues from the intensity and wavelengths of the light sources each day. This means that our bodies can be in tune with the sunrise and sunset  – as nature intended. When we are exposed to bright lights in the night – when our body is meant to produce the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’, this can be confusing to the process, causing disruption in sleep, contributing to stress, disordering of the immune system and generally low health. It is advised to dim down your light sources at night, and refrain from looking at bright screens a few hours before bedtime in order to regulate your natural cycles.


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