Home Renovation Tips

Home Renovation Tips

Why Choose Floating Laminate Floors?

For any home building or renovation project, homeowners eternally search for the best quality materials for interior and exterior inclusions for the best possible prices. For those not looking to compromise on quality and aesthetic, sometimes breaking the budget seems the only option to get the style that they desire. Floating floors offer the best of both worlds – affordability and quality – so homeowners don’t need to compromise on their design preferences. Due to their vast array of colours, patterns and styles, floating laminate floors are a great option for those looking to upgrade their interior spaces to get that look and feel of the more expensive, higher quality flooring options. They are fast becoming the popular choice for home improvements and building projects.


Floating laminate floors are planks made out of wood fibers, which have been bonded to a plastic surface. They generally mimic the look of hardwood, stone or tile. The pieces connect and interlock with each other, quelling the need for gluing, stapling and nailing. As the name suggests, they ‘float’ over the substrate and subsurface floor, rather than attaching directly to it. This makes the installation process very fast and very simple. There are some things to consider in using this option for flooring, such as how even the surface is. If it is not installed on an even surface, this can result in ‘squeaking’ from the floor. Cushioning underneath the planks can reduce this. Although this can be as simple as a DIY job, it is also suggested to hire professionals for the installation, where possible. There are 3 main reasons why floating floors are a desirable option. They are VARIABLE, with tons of style options to explore. They are AFFORDABLE, being less expensive than hardwood, bamboo and stone. They are also DURABLE, being more resistant to chipping and scratching. Floating laminate floors can be a perfect choice for many homeowners.


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